Old World Charm Basket

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A taste of France, Italy, and Spain, and Germany this basket features a selection of old world wines with tasty snacks to go with them.

This basket features one wine from each of France, Italy, Spain, and Germany - typically 3 reds and 1 white wine - from classic areas of each country. Paired with regionally appropriate snacks, this basket is a large and impressive treat for any wine lover.

Basket contains:

  • one wine from each of France, Italy, Spain, and Germany (4 bottles)
  • 3.75 oz Cheese
  • 6 oz Crackers
  • Gourmet pretzels
  • Candied fruit or nuts
  • Dried fruit and nut mix
  • Godiva Chocolate Truffles (4 oz)
  • Boxed assortment of tea biscuits/cookies
  • Basket and seasonal wrapping

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Wine: 1 French, 1 Italian, 1 Spanish, and 1 German wine (3 reds and 1 white)
Food: Regional sweets, savories, and chocolates
Accessories: None
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