Global Tour of Noble Grapes Tasting Kit

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A Global Tour of Noble Grapes

Friday, June 5, 7pm via Facebook Live

In the wine grape world there are definitely a few grapes that via for the titles of King and Queen - truly grape nobility. Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and the grapes of Bordeaux are definitely likely heirs to the throne. They express themselves differently across the globe, taking on the special character of place - the terroir - yet still show their core poise and elegance.

In this tasting, we will taste three examples and discuss how their place of origin influences them. In the end, we will place the crown on the Reigning Ruler of Grapes. Join us and help pick your favorite.

Here are the wines:

Hartford Court Chardonnay Russian River Valley Solena Pinot Noir 'Grand Cuvee' Chateau Saint-Andre Corbin

If you haven't tried one, here is how it works. We live stream the event on our Facebook Live page  Friday at 7pm. You don't have to buy the wines to join, anyone can watch for free - but it is more fun to buy the tasting kit and taste along. If you would like to check one out, watch one of the replays of a past event.

Normally $90+ we are offering this tasting pack for a special deal. Order online and you can pickup, have it delivered, or we will ship it to you!

On Friday, join us on our Facebook page at 7PM Friday, and we will have a chat. If you miss it, you can watch the replay!

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