Masks, please

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Masks, please

Masks are required while shopping in the store. Don't like masks? Please shop online and we will bring your order to you curbside.

Masks are a thing. We wish they didn't have to be, but they are. But here is the deal - we need you to wear one in the store, and we hope you will be a nice person and help us out.

Tampa, Hillsborough County, and the State of Florida all have various mask ordinances in place that require people to wear face coverings masks. Honestly, we don't even care about the details - we aren't lawyers and we need to keep things simple. We need to ask our customers to wear masks.

In all of these ordnances, businesses are required to enforce them by asking people to wear masks or leave. One of the enforcement activities the state can take is revoking liquor licenses. Again, we don't really care about the details. We need to ask our customers to wear masks.

So we are asking a big favor - don't make this a big deal, at least not here. We know there are many perspectives, but help us out by keeping our little corner of the wine world simple. Please wear a mask while in the store.

If you want to shop mask-free we have a great website where you can place your order for online pickup.

Thank you for helping us.